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Unitor/AMT 8 and Yosemite?

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How are you guys controlling the Unitor's preference in Yosemite? The Unitor 8 preference pane I downloaded just sits virtually frozen when I open up my system preferences. I'd like to be able to enter the preference pane to adjust routing/filtering/etc. I checked Audio MIDI Setup and it does detect the AMT8 and it shows up in Logic as well but I can't do more than assign MIDI channel output from within Logic.


Has anyone else had success using the Unitor 8 Preference Pane in Yosemite? Is there another way to get into the Unitors settings that I'm not aware of?

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Are you guys talking about this one?



The latest version is from 2009, and should be compatible with Mavericks, but no mention of Yosemite.


Yes, thats the version I've tried. I've only installed it into Yosemite and had never used it previously. Maybe this version of the Preference Pane has only been optimized for up to Mavericks and not updated for Yosemite yet? Has anyone had any luck controlling the Unitor/AMT in Yosemite?

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This discussion at Gearslutz mentions the same problem, and one user claims that some version of Unitor Pref Pane works for him/her in Yosemite. There's a copy of the file in the thread.




Hey, thanks for the link. I was wondering about this myself.


- xpander

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