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Missing / Hidden Channel Strip? [SOLVED]


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I'm just learning mixing and bussing, and found a quirk that probably has a simple explanation I'm missing. I've noticed a channel that is sending to Bus 1, but no channel visible in the mixer is using Bus 1 as an input. Yet, that send is having an effect on the sound.




I was able to finally find the channel strip by selecting the channel strip sending to Bus 1, and re-assigning Bus 1 as it's output. When I did that, the channel strip with Bus 1 as it's input appeared in the Inspector Right Channel Strip.






Are there hidden channel strips somewhere? Or, when I was learning and playing around, did I delete a channel strip with an active bus assigned to it that caused this (100% possible).


Thank you for giving this newbie any help!

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I'm on a mobile device and have a hard time seeing your screen shots due to their size.

If I'm understanding you correctly you have an Aux that is hidden.


I see that you are working in "GarageBand" mode. Choose Preferences > Advanced and enable the advanced tools.

Now open the MIDI Environment and see if you can find the channel strip there.

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