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I hit save - Logic copies new audio files????


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Are you saving a package or project folder?

How and where are you saving exactly?

Can you tell if the copied audio files are audio files used in the workspace or samples used by the EXS24?


1) saving to project folder


2) I hit "command + s" to do a periodic save. My project folder is located on my Macbook hard drive. The copies files are being added to this same folder.


3) My project contains "only" 2 audio files located on 2 different tracks (nothing more).

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So do you see more and more files in the audio file folder? Have you tampered with the project folder at all, in the Finder?


1) Yes I am seeing copied files added to project window


2) Yes I have tampered with the project folder. When Logic creates new copies, I go to the project folder and delete those copies which I did not request.


NOTE 1: I just closed the song, reopened the song, now ALL my audio files are missing in the main window and project window. The "empty" regions are still showing in the arrange window and in the project window but the files are ghosted. When looking in the project folder, my original files are still there.


NOTE 2: Yesterday when I first created this song, and before I began working in this song, I dragged and dropped the 2 audio files into Logic's arrange window. I named and saved the song. Before I proceed to do any work, I went to the project folder, selected both audio files and made a duplicate copy of both files using the finder (command + D). Should I have not done this? Is this causing my problems now???

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I would save the project as another project folder, under a different name, in a different location, and if that behaves, delete the old project folder.


Re: your duplicates, that could be your issue, I'm not sure. I would recommend you make duplicates from Logic next time. Logic doesn't like being out of the loop. It likes to know what's going on. It doesn't like you messing with the files behind its back.

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