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Which Mac for my purposes?

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So, cash in hand, I have a choice to make.


I never run more than about 16-20 tracks of audio and some soft synths. I use a reasonable amount of plug-ins (EQ and Compression on most), with the CPU heavies on aux's (reverb etc), bit of bus parallel compression etc. I also run UAD plug-ins off a separate firewire accelerator.


Is it to be:

iMac with 3.5Ghz i7 Quad, 16Gb RAM, 1TB Fusion?


Mac Mini with 3.0Ghz i7 Dual, 16Gb RAM, 1TB Fusion?

I don't actually need a monitor as I have a 32" screen anyway but am a little worried about the performance of the dual core i7 (Grrrr - where did the Quad option go?). However the difference in cost between the iMac and Mac Mini are considerable.


Thanks a million for any advice you can give


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The iMac is 65 % more powerful, but not sure if you'd want a fusion drive in either Mac. I remember there being some issues...

The Mini should still be powerful enough for your needs though.


I think a fairer contest would be between iMac fusion drive vs Mini with full SSD drive. If the latter is cheaper it should win out in value for money, especially since you seem to run modest sized (song?) projects, which the Mini should handle just fine. On the other hand, the two screens you'll get with an iMac may also be worth it... it's not clear cut.



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I would try to get a refurbished / used quad core Mac Mini. You can put an SSD inside it then and upgrade RAM if needed :)


I don't recommend buying a new Mac. Apple products are not worth the price anymore. I used to buy all these things new, but I am buying stuff used now, and it is definitely the smarter choice I think! I didn't like the idea back then, but now I realized how much money I threw out of the window, for stuff that is worth maybe half the price a year later.

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