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Ex24 .exs files not found...


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I made some tracks a while back and now have gone back to them after a while (have downloaded and upgraded my Logic) to find some instruments can not be found. I have downloaded all the additional content and even tried downloading again to no avail. I have attached a screen shot showing the message I receive. Any ideas?


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There's no-one here who can help me?


Well, do you have those files on your system? Where are they?


What do you have in

/Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments/

/Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments/09 Orchestral/09 Strings/

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Okay so still got problems. I checked my files and saw that many were missing in the folder, Library, application Support, Logic, Sampler instruments. I then went into my time machine back-ups and found the old file and copied it over. Went back to the track and still missing instruments. Then went to the thread mentioned and saw that someone mentioned re-indexing my hard-drive, which I did. But now, Logic won't even open. It gets stuck looking for instruments and freezes. Things just get worse. Is there anyway I can just re-install everything? I have all the Logic additional content up to date. I really don't know what is going on... :(
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Checked all my back-ups and in fact, none of them have all of the instruments I am supposed to have. I go to EXS factory samples, 08 Orchestral and there is only a choir folder in there, nothing else. I will try and download the essential content again, only problem, my internet connection is bad, 2 gigs is going to take 30 hours so far, and often the download cuts out. Can I just get the sampler instruments from somewhere?
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