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Record Delay Setting +102?


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Logic 10.1.1


This issue came up in another thread but it was off topic for that thread so I started a new thread for this purpose.


I did a loop back recording back into my interface to be re-recorded into Logic to determine whether I had to set up record delay (under general Audio Preferences)


Much to my surprise logic recorded the second, duplicate, audio track @102 samples earlier than the playback audio track. I am just trying to wrap my head around as to why it was recorded earlier than later. I made sure delay compensation was turned off and except for the 5 second test audio track it was an empty project with no plugins


I am using a UAD Apollo twin duo for my interface and I am wondering if somehow it is doing its own delay compensation. So what I had to do was set record delay to +102.


Any insight would be helpful




- Steve

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Your audio interface is misreporting it's round trip latency to core audio.

The Apollo has a couple of extra buffers that you can turn on or off depending on the plug-ins you are using.

Check the documentation.


Everything was turned off in the Apollo console settings. I'm going to post this issue in the UAD forum and see if any Logic users over there report the same thing. I'll post back .

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