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Is the Mackie MCU still the best game in town?

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Ok, my topic was a little sensationalist. The full question;


Is the Mackie MCU still the best game in town for my needs?


I have an old version of the MCU v2.1.2 with the old P&G faders.


My faders are noisy, and starting to fail calibration.


I bought a used fader on Ebay to replace the loud one (channel 1) and it didn't seem to do the trick. Also, in the process, I broke the ribbon cable going to the jog wheel. I did a little hack on it, re-soldered it, and now it doesn't work at all. (I have a special touch when it comes to electronics repair, you see.)


So, all this being the case, I'm considering getting another one. I'm in a one room studio (no separation between tracking space and my "console." I just work in Logic. (My Digidesign hardware isn't even racked anymore. Yes, I just said "Digidesign." I'm old school.) I work in Logic as my full time job, so having a controller is pretty key.


All I really see as options are the Avid controllers, Behringer, and the Slate Media screen based stuff.


It really is a mixer controller I'm looking for... not a synth/DJ controller surface.


How is the Avid stuff with Logic? Is the Behringer stuff as cheap as it's reputation says? Neither the Avid stuff or the Behringer seem to be speaking to me. (Tho perhaps I could be proven wrong.)


The Slate Media stuff looks great, but part of my use of a control surface is to look at screens less... so I'm hesitant to go in that direction.


I feel like I've answered my question, as I'm used to the MCU, and I'm leaning towards it.

That said, are the newer faders as noisy as the old ones? The buttons are still loud...but not a huge deal. Is there something out there that I don't know about (I've kept my head in the sand re:DAW controllers since I got my MCU back in 2006 or something...)


Sweetwater has a financing deal ending today, and I may go ahead and order it, but am curious if you had any thoughts or suggestions.



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Yeah, that's why I'm a little hesitant to get another MCU. I may do it though. We'll see.


The Behringer X-Touch looks great, but was originally supposed to start shipping in March of '14. Here we are at March '15 and it's still not out. That's a bit worrysome. There was quite a bit of hype over it on Gearslutz, I don't know if I'll buy a product no one else has had in their hands yet. Hahah.


I think I can hang with the MCU I have, even with the noise and no jog wheel, while I check out how things go with that Behringer unit. I've never seen those kids over at Gearslutz get so excited over something from that company.... maybe because there's no actual audio going through it.

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My reply would be, once you learn to use the MCUs there probably is nothing more natural in practice. I have them, (4.03 mcu pro, xt pro and a c4) had some Logic version issues, solved mostly, still waiting on some fixes from Apple.


If you can live without the tactile response, I would dare say the purchase of an ipad or two even and using Apples Logic control app would do you fine these days.

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