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Using FX on most, but not all instrmnts whose output is busd

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Alright, so I feel that i may be getting in over my head here because I am just beginning to dabble in bussing and routing (which I know is critical) so please forgive me if I have got something wrong or my vocabulary isn't up to snuff. Additionally, I love watching video tutorials so if anyone has a suggestions for a really good tutorial that might answer my question, I am all for it!


Heres my issue:


I have a drums section which includes a few dedicated channel strips for each part of the drums: Kick and layers, Snare and layers, a couple different hats, and a conga channel strip. I send the output of all of these channel strips to a bus so that I can glue them together with compressors and EQ and whatnot.


What I would like to do is automate a filter to filter out everything in the drum bus EXCEPT the congas.


The only way that I would know how to do this would be to put the filter individually on every channel strip that I would filtered before it goes out to the bus but I am sure there must be a better way.

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