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Play from Beginning: cannot make shortcut key work [SOLVED]


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Hi, I am a longtime Logic user, recently switched to Logic X. Always in the past, if I hit the return key, the transport would go to the beginning, or if a cycle were present, it would go back and forth between the beginning of the song and the beginning of the cycle. Also, if tracks were record enabled with the pause button on, the return key would cancel record and return to transport to the beginning. No longer!


Now, if I click on the "Play from Beginning" button on the transport at the top of the arrange window with the MOUSE, it WILL do everything as expected. But when I assign the return key in Key Commands to "Play from Beginning," it will do that, but only that; it will not go near the cycle. Also, if record/pause are enabled, it won't touch those either.


In nutshell, I want the exact same functionality that's in the "Play from Beginning" button in a shortcut key.


Please advise if you know the answer to this silly conundrum!





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