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Another CPU thread...


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I hate to start another CPU thread but....I have a problem. I am only using 4-5 plugins on a top of the line macbook pro and one core is hitting 100%. I have disabled plugins etc. to see which it is....and I know which ones are heavier on cpu usage but.....I have used these plugins forever and they were never even bad before. My laptop has never even come CLOSE to hitting 100%......the only thing that I have done recently is setup the Mackie Control thing to use my Maschine as a control surface. This couldn't possibly be causing these spikes could it?? I am lost... =/


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sometimes the same to me. (100% overload)


my solution: select an "light" audio track (no plugin, no send) and the bug disappear


I think the last core is dedicated to a sort of live mode midi instrument..

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Ive had the same problem with logic.

With just logic on my cpu uses 15% and ram uses 2,4gb (max4gb). When i start my song playing in logic the cpu changes allot.

Cpu is going to 100% but ram remains the same. When this happens logic stops playing my song and there is the error message!



What you want is that logic doesnt hit the 101% cpu usage to trigger the overload.



1.Get the app: App Tamer.

2. Search for logic pro in the list for cpu usage.

3. Right click on logic and select that slow program down when it uses above 50% cpu.


Before i already got these messages when i play the first 2 seconds of a song. Now i never get a message and logic is running great!

Logic pro is like a dog without a leash, it wil run away with your cpu so get that leash hold it tight and give it some discipline. :lol:


This is my fix for the problem, hope it works for you

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