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Recording duplicated tracks


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Ok so I am using Logic and let's say I have 3 mic signals coming in on inputs 1,2, and 3 .

I want to send that signal to outputs 3-4 on my interface going to a loop pedal which returns to my interface on input 4.

But I also want to send the mic signals from inputs 1,2 and 3 along with input 4 from the loop pedal to the master output.


I tried adding a duplicate channel strip for the three mics but I can only have one of each duplicate "record enabled" at a time. Is there any way to have both record enabled? I want to have the signal from the mics that goes to the master output on all the time while being able to selectively mute the signal going to the mute pedal with my control surface. The has to be a way to do this no?

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Use a send on track 1-3 and then use the I/O plug-in on the Aux to route the audio to your loop pedal.


Not sure I understand the send option. When I go to do a send I get options to send to a bus. Which bus do I send to?


Do I somehow send to the master and I/O out one of the outs to the pedal?


I want to be able to mute the signal going to the pedal as well. That's why I sort of want to use two channel strips for the same input.

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