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Plugins that work with PPC architecture/G5

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Just signed onto the forum. I bought an old PPC Power Mac G5 for £50 off a mate. It still works great and Logic Express 8 is installed amongst other software.


I am still learning Logic but would love to find some plugins that actually work on this architecture and don't require Intel! I have spent ages looking for and installing plugins (and hardware!) only to find they don't work.


Can anyone recommend some to me? Pointers on how to find them would also be much appreciated.


I'm looking to do both live recording of drums, bass, guitar and vocals, as well as electronic stuff.


- Good amp modeller for guitar and bass (Guitar Rig didn't work in any version I could get hold of)

- Decent vintage synth modeller...moog, oberheim, 80s funk/RnB sounds mainly, or 90s piano house

- Compressors, reverb, EQ, limiters

- Modulation effects - ring mod, phase, envelope, harmoniser,

- vocoder/talkbox


Thanks so much y'all



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