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Using busses as input for audio tracks and input monitoring


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Hello guys I'm experiencing some problems related to the routing of busses for a session.


I set up and relabeled busses to go from the outs of several midi instruments tracks to the ins of a number audio tracks that I need to print the midi to audio bouncing it to subgroups.

I have six reverbs on six aux tracks, reverbs' sends happen in the audio tracks rather that on the midi instruments so that I can record the dry stems.

The outs of the audio tracks and of the reverbs auxes are all represented by a bus that goes to another audio track, the final mix, that has the outs set to the standard stereo output 1-2.

The problem is that, even with input monitoring on and the audio tracks armed, I can't actually have the sound to playback, even if it does work when I actually record.

Am I missing something? Is not possible to have busses as inputs of audio tracks in Logic Pro?

I am on Logic Pro X 10.0.7, My Audio Interface is a UAD Apollo Duo.

Thanks in advance guys :)

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