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Bouncing Between Markers [SOLVED]


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I have brought stems from 10 songs into one project to unify the mix overall loudness for mastering purposes and would like to know if there is a way to bounce between markers? For instance if the entire project is 50 minutes long but I just want to bounce from 13:24 to 17:37, how would I go about setting the markers and the bounce preferences to make this happen?

Can anyone help? :D



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Set up a Cycle for where you want to bounce—in your case between the 13:24 and 17:37 mark.


If you don't want to bounce all the regions in this area you can select those you want to bounce and and then solo them (press "S" on your keyboard to solo the selected regions).


Then bounce—Command-B is the keyboard shortcut. A dialogue box will appear to give what options for bouncing that you require.

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