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Can I assign L/R pan within Piano Roll or other tools?


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From within Piano Roll (or other resources such as Step Editor, Event List, MIDI Transform), can I designate a pan assignment for individual events? I haven't seen anything that seems likely to do the trick. Maybe I'm just overlooking a sub-menu or an obscure command?


Here's an example of what DOES work for, say, a simple tympani part often using an expected triad. I'd like all Eb at hard left, all G center, all Bb hard right.


I create the MIDI region and perform it all in EXS24. I make two additional tracks, assigning each of the three as L, C, and R. Option-drag creates three identical regions. Then I select and mute all G and Bb events in track 1 at hard left, likewise for track 2 center for all Eb and Bb, track 3 hard right for all Eb and G. This creates exactly the effect I want, of course; would anyone recommend a more efficient way for when things become more involved? Or just an alternative technique — always good to know, for whatever may come up.


Say, I may want a sudden brief rapid sequence alternating within a different pan range (say, 0 to +30), or I need to add a couple of new pitches and I'd like them assigned differently. IF I CAN do this right there in Piano Roll with just those half-dozen 8th-notes, that seems likely easier than writing in the automation data. (It depends on the specifics, of course.)


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Finally, I'm finding I could use some systematic instruction in MIDI commands and/or these tools. YouTube's loaded with them, of course, but I'd welcome knowledgeable referrals from anyone who's found any series in particular that are consistently well-designed and well-produced (not a lot of rambling, has a good balance of background info without going off on tangents, etc.)


Thank you.

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Hitem True, Hmmm — Given my limited knowledge of working with the EXS24, probably I'm not explaining this well. I think that's on a level more complex than the fairly simple task I'm doing within Piano Roll. I'm working with events that are already assigned to zones in an existing EXS instrument. But this may come in handy if I try applying this in a more elaborate arrangement (more than just this simple triad). It's certainly worth trying, and it'll help me learn better all of what's going on inside there. So thank you.
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