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Trying to improve workflow with LPX and Vienna Pro


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Hi All,


Keyswitch this, keyswitch that, cc here, cc there cc's everywhere!!!!!...and nothing to chase them in Logic as it doesn't seem to work no matter what prefs are checked/unchecked. (but that's another post entirely.....)


First off, before you all chime in, I know about the logic toolkit that's available and it looks great, but I thought I'd try some solutions myself to make life a little easier in programming VSL. No I am not an environment expert, but know enough to get by and as I am old school in liking faders, I thought I would set up some long throw faders in the environment to deal with the control map in vienna pro5. I did this by creating 12 faders to deal with the main automation parameters, plumbed them into logic via the sequencer input, set their parameters to control the cc's I wanted, and set the environment window as a floating window. It works absolutely fine and is so much easier and more hands on than mouse line drawing.


However, the only drawback is that when recording fader movement to a track, it does not overwrite any automation that is there already. I would like these faders to work like the touch mode but am wondering if it's even possible, can you get fader movements created in the environment to co-operate with the touch mode on the track you are recording the fader to?. Are there any permanent residents of the environment out there who can help me with this?


regards all,




LPX 10.1.1

MacPro 3.5ghz, 6 core, 64gb ram

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