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Conflict between Logic Pro and External Device


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I am getting the following message all of a sudden:


"Error while trying to syncronize audio and midi.

Sample rate 19706 recognized.

Check conflict between Logic Pro and external device"


OSX 10.8.5

Logic 9.1.8 (32 bit)

Focusrite scarlett 18i20 audio interface w/ Behringer ada8000 through ADAT as slave w/ word clock

MOTU micro express MIDI interface


Here is what I have tried:

1) Uninstall/reinstall MIDI interface drivers

2) Uninstall/reinstall audio interface drivers

3) Change sample rate in Logic (registers with my audio interface)

4) Cycle power and restart computer

5) Delete Logic preferences


Deleting Logic preferences causes Logic to crash when loading on the following window:


"Set cycle pre-processing to 1/96?

When sending MIDI clock it is recommended to set cycle pre-processing to 1/96. This ensures perfect synchronization of MIDI clock slave devices on cycle jumps."


Please help!

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