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Flex Time and Tempo Curve


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Logic 10.1.1


I import an audio track that is 130 BPM, set the project tempo to 130 BPM, and turn on the polyphonic Flex Time for that track. At this point, everything is fine, the track is not peaking above 0dB on the channel meter. Next I create a tempo curve that goes from 128 BPM to 130 BPM. At this point the channel meter clips; however, this clipping not only occurs in the region that is 128 BPM (unsurprising), but also in the region that is 130 BPM, which is the original tempo. I am confused as to why Logic is causing the track to clip at its original tempo.


I have other logic projects from previous versions of logic 10 where I have used a tempo curve and have not experienced this issue.


Any suggestions?

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