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No longer getting previews when working with Flex Pitch


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I have seen a few posts like this - but no conclusive answer. Flex pitch used to preview the changes to fine pitch / format shift etc as I dragged each note (so I could hear the change immediately as I drag) - however this is no longer happening. Does anybody know the solution? If not I appreciate it if you could let me know whether yours does and what version of Logic Pro X (x.x.x) you are using. Thanks! :D
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what version of Logic Pro X (x.x.x) you are using.

That info is in our signature. Join the party: click this link to your signature and add your system information:


• Logic version and sub-version (e.g. Logic 10.0.7)

• OS X version and sub-version (e.g. OS 10.9.3)

• Computer (e.g. MacBook, Mac Pro, iMac)

• Processor (e.g. 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo)

• Memory (e.g. 2GB)

• Audio interface manufacturer and model (e.g. Presonus AudioBox USB)

• MIDI Controller manufacturer and model (e.g. M-Audio Axiom Pro 49)


(most of that information can be found by choosing Logic Pro X > About Logic Pro X, and  > About This Mac)


I get a live preview when adjust the pitch, not the formant shift.

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