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Addictive drums window gone


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So, this might be a really dumb question, but when I open a project that i was previously using Addictive drums on, it doesn't load up the addictive drums window. The sound of the midi drums is still the last settings I had set in addictive drums, but i can't modify it anymore because there's no addictive drums window.


I can create a new virtual track with addictive drums and then move the midi to this new track, but that seems like a pretty dumb workaround. What obvious step am I missing?


I'm running Logic Pro X and Addictive Drums 2.


Thank yoU!

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Have you tried to open the plugin window, by clicking on the instrument slot button of the corresponding channel strip?

Have you tried the key comand V ?

Or enabling the plugin window link?

The above explains how to use that feature in LP9 but works similarly in LPX...

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