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looking for a new audio interface

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I am looking to upgrade my system entirely, new mac, logic X and a new audio interface.


Going to stick with a MacBook Pro 13-inch with Retina display for the Mac.


Not sure on the interface though as I've got rid of lot of hardware and synths and going software base I only need 2 mic inputs for now.

I've short listed the following:

Motu track16

Apogee duet

RME Babyface

Universal Audio Apollo Twin.


Any others I should consider? The Apollo Twin is my current favourite

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Only Thunderbolt soundcards. Any usb devices will work worse. I had RME Babyface and encountered problems after installation Yosemite. And this is not only with RME, also I have MOTU Ultralite mk3 and can't say that drivers have normal optimization.


Also UAD have perfect converters with ultra-low noise. It's true. I tested it using freq. analyzer and UAD show a bit better result.


Moreover, we need to save USB ports for other devices (mouse, flash-storage, external HDD, midi-keyboards). I think there's absolutely no sense to buy any USB interface.

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