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best way to create multiple apple loops


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I'm having a little trouble adding multiple loops that I've made in logic into the apple loop browser. for some reason they are looping fine (following tempo pitch) but are showing up as blank audio files in the loop browser. should I save them all to a folder and then import them into the loop utility?


I want to start turning all my percussion parts i record into apple loops.


Thanks in advance.



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This is confusing... your title say "create multiple apple loops", but your message say your trouble is about adding apple loops that have already been created to the Loop Browser....


What do you mean by blank audio files, and how do you add them to the Loop Browser? The best way is to organize them however you want where you want on your drive, and then drag and drop the folder containing them onto the Loop Browser.


If that still doesn't work, your Apple Loops index files might be corrupted. They are located in ~/Library/Audio/Apple Loop Index/

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