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Core Audio; Whole Computer Crash?


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So if you go pack to my posting history you'll see a big long list of problems with my computer crashing...


So here is what I'm thinking...


To update:

-The crashes are completely random. Sometimes many within a day, or none for a week

-They only happen with audio playing back; from Logic or from YouTube videos etc.


Well, I thought it was my Behringer UMC404 audio interface; I had unplugged it an went a while without a crash

However, I was recently working with the standard internal audio and the darn thing crashed! :evil:


Well, the Behringer doesn't need any drivers and runs off the Mac's Core Audio; as does the regular internal speakers (of course)


So...is there something wrong with my Core Audio!?

Is there a way to fix/update it?


Everything is completely up to date; Logic and my OS


(Also, I've ran CPU stress tests and memtest for RAM without any issues. Because it's only on playback, it is making me assume it has to do with core audio)


After months, I hope we've isolated it :?

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