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Ok, I am new to Logic and I am having a problem with latency. I have read NNUMEROUS posts here at Apples discussions and on the web and for some reason I am not getting it.

Here's what I am doing. I have a Presonus Firebox, I have set the Firebox mixer to provide monitoring in their mixer. I set Logic Pro 7.2.1 to software monitoring off, buffer of 64 and set up a new song with only 2 tracks one for a mic and one with a drum loop. No plugins on anything anywhere. This is on a PPC G5 Quad. I record me snapping in time with the loop at 120 bpm and everytime the snaps play back at almost exactly 1/16 behind the loop. I checked with a testing system I found somewhere and it seems I have 5727 samples of delay. How is that possible and what can I do to correct it? Logics delay recording compensation only goes to 5000 and that gets the snaps to within you guessed it 727 samples from being right on.

Do I need a different card/interface? It seems to me that even this way direct monitoring with an external mixer would produce the same results although I have no way of testing that as i don't have an external mixer to test.

Any ideas and I hope this is something I am doing.

Thanks in advance. :?:

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