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Media Browser serching problems


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Hi all,


I am using Logic Pro 9 and have problems with searching in media browser /on the top on right side/. Everything was all right, but now If I want to use search and I chose folder "sample" - where I have all my sample packs and wrote for example "kick" in the search window, not find anything :( I thing it's can be some filter problem.. If I make a click on plus button which is on the right side of search window there is a filter.. but no matter how I set it, it can't find nothing. :(( Help me please.. is really complicated to open each folder for me and searching kick, snare, hihat or anything else with this way..it's lot of time . I was asking all of my friend, which use Logic Pro 9, but no one knows where is the problem. I am totally desperate of this. Please help me

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