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a method question


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am i doing/thinking about this right?


scenario :


i want to keep usng my MPC 4000 for the great kits i've created and the pads/beat feel


in logic, in order for me to hear what is coming out of the MPC, I set up audio track 1 I/O to analog 1/2 from the apogee ensemble interface where the mpc is coming in. i have to arm the track in record in order to hear anything


in logic, i go to the MPC track (which is automatically created from having the MPC in the environment layer "midi inst") and arm that track to record the midi info from the pads


i hit record on the transport and a midi track is recorded to the MPC track


in this scenario, i'm not recording the audio from the MPC into logic - just triggering the MPC - and - in order for me to hear that track along with other tracks, i need to keep the audio 1 track armed in record


am i doing this right?



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Yes, if it works for you? I mean, there's tons of ways to do it, but if it works for you then you're doing it right.


If you don't want to always have to rec-arm an audio track to hear your MPC you could setup an Aux object, set its input to the correct input and the output to Out 1-2. That's your MPC monitoring channel strip.

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