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Trying To Preserve Panning With Bus Sends [SOLVED]


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I've scoured the webz for a solution, but nothing's working. Here's the issue:


I have two guitar tracks panned hard left and hard right. I send them to Bus # for effects. When I do so, the panning is not preserved.


What I've tried:

Sent each track signal to Bus # at unity, trying all three options: Post Pan, Pre Fader, Post Fader.

Changed the output on each track from Stereo Out to Bus # and removed the sends.

Made sure the auxiliary track input receiving Bus # is set to stereo.


Am I missing something? Any ideas?

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Make sure the Aux receiving that bus has a stereo input: at the top left of the Aux channel strip, next to the input-bus assignment, the format button allows you to toggle between mono (a single circle) and stereo (two interleaved circles). You should see two interleaved circles.


And use post-pan sends.


If that doesn't help, solo one of the tracks panned hard left and take a screenshot of the mixer during playback so we can see how the signal is routed in your mixer.

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