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Appleloop shrinks with flex mode on [SOLVED]


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while drag a two measure apple loop to a track with flex mode (polyphonic) on, the loop should remain exactly within the two measures. In my session, it only stay within the two measures if flex is off, when I turn it on the loop shrinks. Please see attach. Can you please tell me what prefs I have to turn on or off, so the loop behaves has it should. What can I do to avoid it?



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Yes David, I've notice this happens always with any apple loop.

when drag to the arrange window, it behaves at it should, (say, 8 beats, occupy 2 measures and loop correctly),

after flex is applied on that same track/loop, it shortens and doesn't loop correctly leaving a gap at the end as you can see in the bottom screen I've sent.

I would like to preserve the length of the loop, after applying Flex mode too.

(I've seen this procedure on a tutorial, so it's possible).


This is happening independently if I import loop tempo or not, and in two other machines at the studio.


What can cause this?

Thank you


(Last version of Logic X)

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