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Sync up 64bit Logic X as Master with 32bit Cubase 6 Slave


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Hi I am looking to Sync up 64 bit Logic X as my Master DAW with a 32 bit Cubase 6 Slave.


Is this possible? I only need it to follow start/stop commands and stay in sync.


I already tried the following:


1. Enabled IAC Driver

2. Enabled MTC Output of Logic X on IAC Driver

3. Accept MTC Input from IAC Driver for Cubase 6 and enable External Sync



It seems to sort of work but not exactly. When i push start on Logic X it will try to start Cubase Transport but it immediately skips to the very end of the project bar and stays there. If i manually move it back while still playing it seems to track. Also if I stop Logic X it does stop. But obviously this isnt useful in the current state.


Any ideas how to fix it? Maybe its just ANOTHER Logic X Bug or did I configure it correctly?


Anyone else doing this? You might ask why....but for me it is like a 2nd virtual Tape Machine. Using UAD Apollo Virtual Channels I can route stuff to and from Cubase. I like the Audio/MIDI Editing much better in Cubase so I can use it to make little tape loops and things snippets.


Please help!

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nope you're not, I have the same prob here, funny thing is, it all works nice once you use a real midi cable looped back via your midi interface, im my case a edirol um 880


with IAC cubase just skips to the end pretty quickly, with real midi cable looped back it works nice - must be internal loopback story happening on the IAC bus that makes cubase go crazy, maybe cubase is sending something on the IAC bus back to logic and logic forwards it back to cubase or something the likes

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