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Bouncing VI's via aux tracks


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Hey all,


First off, I'm brand new to this site. Second off, I know this topic has been covered before on this site, and I've read through all the replies I could find on the topic. Third off, since I'm still having issues, I'm writing to ask what I'm doing wrong.


The situation: I'm writing for a game and using a bunch of Kontakt-based sample libraries. I currently have 4 instances of multi-timbral Kontakt 5, with 5 aux tracks each, for a grand total of 24 tracks...but only four of them are "legit" audio tracks.


The setup: Using brass as an example: Audio track 1: Trumpet, Aux 1: Trombone, Aux 2: F Horn, Aux 3: Tuba, all being generated from one instance of multi-timbral Kontakt.


The problem: I know I can't bounce a region in place from an aux track. It's greyed out. I can bounce in place from Audio Track 1 (trumpet), since it's a "legit" audio track.


Stuff tried:


1. I've tried bouncing the track in place, and checking the boxes to "include instrument multi-outputs" and "as additional tracks", but the only thing that ever actually bounces is the legit audio track. The aux tracks don't ever bounce.


2. I've tried soloing just the tracks in question, and leaving them unsoloed, but the issue persists....only the audio track bounces.


3. I've tried changing the output on all the tracks in question to bus 40, then tossing that on an aux track, using bus 40 as the input. Still no love (and it bypasses all the verb I'm bussing to in a different aux track.)


I saw David describe a method of moving the MIDI data from an aux track to the main track, then bouncing that way, and making sure the MIDI channels match up between the main channel and the Kontakt instrument. While I'm not averse to a bit of elbow grease, I have really intricate arrangements (don't we all?) and the thought of shuffling all the MIDI data individually from one track to another, bouncing, and then back again...times 20 tracks...sounds tedious. Am I understanding this method correctly? I feel like i might be missing the boat on David's concept.


So questions are:


What is the easiest method for me to bounce Kontakt sample MIDI data from an aux track?


Am I able to accomplish this while keeping my verb/effects/bus settings in place?


Everyone else who has written in the various previous responses about this topic has replied with things like "Oh, easy as that!". I must be missing something obvious and staring me in the face. Help?


Thanks in advance, all!

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Why not route all outputs of each multi timbral device to a unique bus track and then crreate "real" audio tracks with those buses as inputs then just play/record then it will print the audio of the midi (no longer midi) to the new "real" audio tracks.


Unless you want to keep them midi, then I don't know what to say.

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