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Environment MIDI port cabling issue


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I have in general a need to cable some individual MIDI ports from the Physical Input object to specific places in the environment, or to remove them from the SUM cable.


This works fine, but causes a problem when the available MIDI ports change - this changes the ordering of MIDI ports, and Logic forgets the cable assignments.


So, if a particular USB device or something isn't turned on (or not needed) when I run Logic, those input cables break and I have to spend a few minutes fixing them, or rebooting Logic with all devices plugged in/turned on.


Any workarounds for this? What I really want to happen is, if I cable "Port A" from the input object somewhere, I'd like that cable to still be be correctly attached regardless of where "Port A" is listed in the Input Object.

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So - if I have all my MIDI devices plugged in, I look and see which ones get listed *above* the ports I need to cable, as it's those ones that when not present cause the ports to be reordered and the cabling to break.


As long as I save the autoload template initially with all MIDI ports listed and the cables connected as I need, then when those devices are removed, the cabling stays attached to the correct MIDi ports, even though the ordering has changed. That's a decent enough workaround.



Why is the Physical input permanently sized to list 100 or so output cables when it should just be big enough to list all available MIDI inputs you have on your system, and grow/shrink automatically (like all the other objects do). Kinda weird to have 10 MIDI inputs and then 90 empty output triangles listed...

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Are you the only one allowed to not have a signature?


When the full details of Logic versions or other things I'm using is relevant in a question I'm asking, I will include them.


Signatures with your spec is is not *required* to hang out or contribute here, it's advised and recommended because many people when asking questions do not know how, or do not take the time to include the appropriate level of detail forcing anyone responding to ask for more details, wasting everyone's time.


The behaviour I describe above is not specific to any versions of Logic or OSX or hardware, it's just been Logic's behaviour on OSX for years (probably a decade or more). Hence they are not relevant in this instance.


Do you have anything to contribute to this thread?

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