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AKAI MPK 61 and Logic Pro X


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Hello everyone I am new to this and can really use some help. I have made a picture of what I am trying to achieve. (File attached). Basically I am trying to achieve a setup where I have the first part of the keyboard as one instrument and the second part of the keyboard as another Instrument. Also, I would like for the pads to play samples. So far I have figured out that the audio samples need to be in an aiff format. Also I think I have to have the record arm set for both instruments simultaneously and set to different midi channels.. A lot of my confusion is coming from the midi channel settings in LPX. Just as a side note, I am trying to play all these sounds live, not pre record them in LPX. Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi BT!


There are numerous ways of achieving this.

One option you can go for with the MPK is to use the Split function for the keyboard.

You can then assign different MIDI channels for each keyboard section and for the drum pads.

When it's done follow this little tutorial:


LPX Control Multiple Instruments on Different MIDI Channels

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