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ESX24 stops playing One-shot samples


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Hi guys,


I have a very urgent question.

The problem i'm having is as followed:

I Launch my MS3 session for a gig. It consists of a Bass synth and a ESX24 synth per patch.

I use the ESX24 for one-shot triggers in my patches, so all notes have a different sample allocated mostly one-shots.

When I start in my session everything is fine but after a while some of my one-shot triggers stop after like a second.

The weird thing is that other samples in the same ESX24 still play as one shots but others stop just after they are launched.

The voicing en polyphony in the ESX24 is correct so I really don't know what's wrong.

It happens on different patches, on different notes, on different instruments so I can't make out a pattern of what's going on.


I'm running MainStage 3.1.1 on MBP (mid2014) 2.2 GHz i7 Mac OSX 10.10.2


Please help!!!

I'v got gigs coming up and this problem suddenly enters. I plaid with this setup for a long time and this never happened before.

Thanks a million



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