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Tidy, easy way to transport presets & EXS24 Instruments?

Musical Ape

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I am looking for a way to set up a sort of one-click solution to move presets and EXS-24 instruments between computers. Right now I just open up Finder on each of my two notebooks, connect to the main drive on my desktop computer, and copy over each preset and instrument, navigating to each folder on each computer, copy... like that.


I like the idea of simply gathering samples into the concert file, but when I save incremental changes, e.g. Band XYZ 02a, Band XYZ 02b, Band XYZ 02c, etc, it just keeps copying the samples again, over and over mindlessly. I would rather keep the concert files very small and just copy patches/samples/etc individually - but automated.


What I really want is a way to duplicate the tree structure so that when I create some new patches on my desktop computer, I can open up either of my two notebooks and the patches will just be there - without the meticulous copying through Finder.


There must be an easy way to transport everything between many computers? I searched for "transport presets" "transport EXS24" etc but couldn't find anything.


BTW I already use Dropbox as a backup/transport system for my Concert Files, so if there's an easy way to do it with Dropbox I'm game.


This must be a VERY common thing with an easy solution - I think my search terms must be off target...

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Syncing the appropriate logic folders to dropbox and then having the concerts saved in dropbox as well might do it for you. Try moving the folders to dropbox then create an alias. Paste the alias with the original name back to each computers logic folder. It works with an external hard drive, I can't see why it wouldn't work with dropbox.


There is lots of information about copying your library to an external hard drive on this forum, so if you just use dropbox like an external hard drive it should act as such.

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