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Phase Cancellation Correction Help Needed


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Hi, I'm making a song with all software instruments in Logic Pro X.


When playing back the track, I noticed it was sounding muddy and not hitting my subwoofer like it should in a hard hitting / loud part of the song, so I inserted the correlation meter and sure enough it was going below zero into the red during that part.


So on the sub bass / bass track (made with the ES2) I tried inserting the "Gain" plugin and turning on the "mono" button, which did keep the correlation meter above zero and in the blue, but now the volume of the sub bass track fluctuates up and down which is definitely not going to work for me. There is not automation on the track, and the position of the fader is not changing.


I tried moving the gain plug in above and below the EQ and Compressor inserts on the same track, but that didn't help, so I don't know where to go from here... please help.



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