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Weird audio file issue… someone experienced it in the past?


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Ok, so let me see if I can explain what's happening…


I have this audio region on my arrangement called Swoosh. So basically it's just some reversed chords. It goes from quiet, to loud and then back to quiet.


The problem now is that when I'm playing it in the arrangement, it plays a little bit of the audio, then it plays a totally different audio sound (a white noise audio file that's not even on that same track) and then back to the swoosh. Almost as if I had cut the swoosh in 3 parts and replaced the middle part with a portion of that white noise.


The weird thing is (besides this one), is that when I open that audio region on the Sample Editor, it plays the swoosh the way it's suppose to. I don't think I've ever experienced this. I went to the bin, updated the file's information… no luck. I already created a new file outside logic with the same audio content, saved it with a different name, imported. It played well, but today it's happening again.


Anyone knows what's happening?





PS - I'm using Logic Pro 9.1.8

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