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EXS round robin problem LP9

camillo jr

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I want to create extra round-robins by using existing samples in an EXS staccato cello instrument.


In the Zones window, I copied the samples from one group into a new one by selecting all the samples in the downbow folder and then Option-dragging them into the Zones area on the left side of the Edit window. This creates a new folder, which I can also see in the Groups window. After that, I shifted all the samples in the new folder down a whole tone. The idea here is that I could create a "new" round-robin from a different sample slightly higher up that's tuned down a whole tone.


But I can't get this new group to be triggered in the existing round robin. Instead, it's triggered all the time, while the original two groups get triggered like normal, alternating back and forth between those two groups. How can I include the new group in the round-robins? I can't even access the group round-robin sub-menu for the new group. Is it possible that my new sample group was not created properly?


In the image below, the new folder is called "Downbow_shift".


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Got it now. Needed to do two things....


1) In the "Select Group By" column, make sure all groups are selected by "Group"

2) All groups (except for the first one of course) need to be triggered by a new group, as in image below. (Ignore dummy group)


I'm not sure if I'll keep all four groups; three actually provided enough variety. But it's working well now. Alright, on to the pizzicatos.


Thanks Camillo, you've been very helpful! :lol:


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