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Midi Delay Via Apogee Quartet and Logic Pro X


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I have a new Apogee Quartet and have been trying to set up the midi on my 10 year old Korg SP200 electric piano to work with Logic Pro X.


Quartet has its own midi input so I plug my midi lead into it.


I have got the “midi sounds/instruments” to sound right but there is a noticeable delay (aprox 0.5 seconds).


I have altered the latency but it didn’t help.


The data from the piano is being transmitted to and from the Quartet – but I am unsure if the settings are correct.


Could this problem be with midi settings in Logic Pro X (or maybe my Mac) please? Any ideas anyone? Midi is fairly new to me - I'm getting on a bit now.


Note: One of my clients gave me the Quartet as a present - I was using the Duet2 previously and it worked fine with this. Nice present though!

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