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Panning in Summing Stack


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Dear All,

this is my first post here, so be patient; maybe this is a stupid question.

I have created a Track Stack in LPX 10.1.1 from two tracks. Each track has a strumming acoustic guitar. I created the stack, since I wanted both guitars to get the same eq and reverb. To give a more spacious sound, I panned one guitar completely to the left, and the other full to the right.

By creating a Track Stack, effectively LPX created a stereo aux channel, with bus 13 as input, where the two guitar tracks out put to bus 13. (see attached image)

However, the panning doesn't work: both guitars stay in the middle, no matter what I do.

Is this a logical (NPI) behavior? Do I miss something here? Or should it work the way I expect?

Any input from you is extremely welcome




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