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Logic Pro X and Roland TD-15 KV and Drummer?

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I'm trying to understand how LPX can best interface with my Roland TD-15KV drum kit to capture as many of the features it has as possible. i.e velocity of the hits, chokes, basically everything I hear if I was to run the kit standalone.


The reason I was hoping this is possible is that if I load up a drummer track and choose a kit, there's an option in Drum Designer to make what I presumed to be input mapping to "V-drum"... but I don't think I can actually record MY drums on LCP Drummer track. Is that right?


What is the use of the V-Drum Input mapping if I can't record my V-Drums to it? I don't see the same mapping options if I create a regular software track and then choose a drum kit. I get Logics standard controls in lower pane of screen.


What do i need to configure to best take advantage of my kit while tracking in Logic?



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