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Monitoring 2 Mixes in Maestro and Logic


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I would like to use the "analog 3-4" mixer to have a second monitor for a vocal performance. I would like to do the exact thing mentioned in the manual when describing why they put 2 mixers in there...


"...a vocalist wants the music louder to get a stronger vocal and the engineer wants the vocal louder to hear the nuances and make adjustments, therefore you have 2 mixers that you can route using the low latency mixer"



It requires the "output routing" to have mixer 1 set to to output 1-2 and mixer 2 to output 3-4. Also you change the drop down in maestro so that headphone 2 is monitoring output 3-4 (headphone 1 was already 1-2).


Now do I need to have a separate out from logic pro that is 3-4 like a master bus?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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You are seemingly referring to documentation that does not pertain to Logic's one.

Setting different outputs (i.e 3&4) in Logic is a common approach to allow discrete monitoring levels; which does not require use of a different mixer (in Logic). In Logic, only one mixer is active (at a time), which could be displayed differently in different windows, within the same project. If you need more flexibility in that regard, prehaps the Snapshot Console from AudioGrocery could provide more flexibility.

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