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Logic Pro X faders snap from 127 to 0 when using midi contro


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I'm trying to use the phasers on my M-audio Axiom Pro 61 midi keyboard controller and I have already mapped out everything else on my controller such as transport, pads, etc., however when I assign the phasers in logic pro x to the faders on my Axiom, The software recognizes it , matches the fader to that specific channel strip in the software but when I move the axioms fader up and down, Logics volume snaps from 0-127 and 127-0 there seems to be no middle in the slide. I am pretty sure though that it is not the controller that is glitching because on the lcd on my axiom it shows any value between 0 and 127 as I move the axioms fader up and down, and the transport on logic shows the same number value for the volume of that channel strip. For example the shader on my axiom could be set to 65 and the transport will show 65 for the value of that channel however the fader will be all the way down at 0 or all the way at 127. When I move the fader down from 127 on my keyboard logics fader stays stuck at 127 until my axiom fader hits about 65 and thats where the logics fader jumps straight down to 0 and vise versa. If anyone could help me with this I would greatly appreciate it.
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