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Setting up a good in-ear monitoring system

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Hello everybody, my name is Matt from Italy and I'm new to this forum.

Would like to ask you a few things regarding the topic's subject.


I'm playing in a band of 4 elements, will call the members A, B, C and D:

- A - drums

- B - voice

- C - (me) guitar and backing voice

- D - piano/synths


What we did until now

I'm using a Logic on a Macbook Pro with an Apogee Duet (system in signature) where I connect my guitar and my mic as inputs, I also use an Apogee Gio just as a controller to switch between sounds in MainStage. "D" links his controller keyboard to my Macbook and he gets the sounds from MainStage too. "B" goes straight in the mixer and "A" is not amplified.

We have been using this setup for a while now and is pretty simple but we would like to push it a bit forward.


What we would like to do

The goal is to use pre-recorded tracks from Logic into MainStage, in order to do that we would all need to be synced to a main base with a metronome with in-ear monitors. But let's forget about MainStage now, I need to control what goes inside the in-ear monitors from Logic separately for all the 4 outputs, then we will have another main output for what goes outside. How can we achieve it?


Hope I explained correctly what I'm looking for, please forgive for any language mistake.

I'm totally new to this kind of stuff, any help will be appreciated.

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