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Need help recreating a bass sound

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Hi, I'm working on a jazzy hip-hop beat and I want to incorporate a bass instrument that sounds realistic and clean. Using Logic Pro X. The bass-line in the video below is the sound I am going for. I've always had problems with making my instruments sound realistic, even when using soundfonts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I've heard this type of bass a few times before, its quite typical of more soulful styes like this.


It seems to me the bass is built largely around a sine wave, probably the Sub oscillator, but then it has something extra. Another wave that gives it a little more high end, fills it out a bit more.


Although it sounds deep and low, it still has frequencies that extend up to about 2kHz that gives it a bit of an attack. I also noticed a bit of Monophonic Portamento in there.


It's a really nice sound, I quite like it.


I was able to find some similar sounds in Element that got me quite close to this. Not spot on, but if you spent more time on it you could get quite close. I don't really think thats the important thing though. All you need is something that gets you close enough to capture the mood of this sound and take some creative license to express your own individuality as well. :)


Here are some presets I found in Element, as well as any quick modifications I made to get it sounding closer. Although you could probably use just about any synthesiser.


Sub Puncher (Sub: 60, VCA Punch: On, Shape: -18)

Deep Bass (VCA-A: 4, Punch: On, Shape: 11)

Mono Bass


Im pretty comfortable with Element, that's why its my goto. Here's a link if you wanted to get your hands on the demo to examine what I did to get the sound.




I just discovered that it's actually on sale for a good price, so if you wanted an extra synth to beat up your collection, now would be a good time to get it. Assuming that you liked it that is ;)


Oh, the bass line seems to be in E minor, or a related key. I didn't really get down the part, I only got the gist of what was going on.

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