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How to Record without muting a track?


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Hi guys :)


My Guitar Player and I want to know how to Record a track without muting it.


Our Interface is an Universal Audio Twin Duo.


Muting a track initially is necessary because unless it's muted, a doubling type effect is heard (latency I assume) and that naturally bothers him:)


is track being muted is no problem when recording his part for the first time, as he can hear what he's playing while we're Recording.


The problem occurs when he want to punch in and out on a section he's not happy with because he can't play along with the part he's happy with (to keep him in time/sync with what is already recorded) because the track is muted.


Now obviously he can hear what he's playing once I punch him in, but he has no reference as to the exact point that he should start playing if the track is muted.


Any solution?





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HI Jordi :)


A few questions:


1) Does this mean the track does not have to be muted now?

2) Can you explain what Software Monitoring is and what happens when you engage or disengage it?

3) What is the difference between Software Monitoring and Input Monitoring?





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Hi guys :D




I'm trying to re-record a line here and there on a completed vocal track.


I have setup a two measure count-in and when I press record I hear all the tracks except the existing vocal track which I have to be able to hear so I can come in at the correct time/place.


I have tried enabling and disabling Software Monitoring in Logic's Audio Preferences and neither way works.





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Use the drop in tool (red button on transport bar) or cycle tool (green button on transport bar)to record the section you want to record, then you'll hear your lead in vocal before recording starts. Drop in tool will give you one pass at it whereas the cycle tool will enable you to take multiple passes with resetting. Then you'll create a TAKE folder and can comp between your various takes.
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