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logic pro x help required


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I'm have such annoying drama with logic and my recent winge is going to be about recording live audio from my microkorg !

i can't seem to do it !


i just about manage to record midi and it manages to play back the microkorgs sound in a pattern which i played, however thats all it seems to do !

iv tried to bounce it and a blank audio gets saved to my desk top . bouncing in place just opens up another software instrument which plays back blank swell .


so frustrating !


its killing my time as after all the attempts i just switch everything off and be left blood boiling!


if theres a way to just play the microkorg and record it in realtime id be so grateful and happy, id i can record the midi and go through the old fashioned way of bouncing it in to audio after i still be happy but a bit disappointed as i would love to just record live audio!

but if thats the only way itl work then so be it but id need to know how to do it without getting all this drama ... thanks !!!

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Don't get frustrated, spend some time to learn the basic fundamentals.


The MicroKorg is producing sound. That sound is not inside Logic. To record the sound from the MicroKorg as audio, you must connect the audio output of the synth to an audio input on your computer (either on the computer itself, or an audio interface) and record to audio.


MIDI has nothing at all to do with audio, you cannot record audio over MIDI.

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