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Got my first gig as an electronica artist. WHAT TO DO???


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Hi! I make a lot of electronic music, and got offered a 20-minute gig at a festival (probably like 3k) people watching. I said yes because its a couple of months until the gig, and it will give me good promotion.

The thing is; how do i do this thing live? I don´t own a traktor or anything. Is there a similar thing that lets you loop bars, fade between tracks, sample stuff etc? Im thinking of just software really.

I have mainstage. Can this be done with it?


I´m only thinking about playing the full tracks (no stems or anything). It would be nice to be able to fade between them, adding filter knobs, triggering samples etc.

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There's many questions to be answered? will the tracks you'll be playing similar BPM? Will you be mixing them DJ esq or just fading between them? Do you want to build and create the tracks live as per a Jam session, or just play the whole tracks again as per a DJ?


My instant thoughts are Ableton Live. You have multiple options here to make things as easy or complicated as you want. Like with any DAW Software, you'll need time to learn how to use it.


Youtube will be your friend here, lots of examples and tutorials:

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Burn CDs and mix! Easy if you know how to mix. Otherwise it's time to learn it fast ;)


One way or another you have to learn a new tool (Traktor, Ableton, real mixing, etc.) and you have to spend a lot of time to be good at it.


And as Johny already noticed, there are still a lot of questions you have to answer yourself first. Then you know what to buy and to learn.

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I was more looking for something like traktor only cheap an non-hardware. The reason for my lack of information on the subject is that i have never thought about live mixing before. I will probably for the most part stand there and pretend to do something, but it would be nice to a least have a little control.
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Please don't do what others do... PRETENDING. Whatever you do, do it right. It doesn't matter if it's "just" mixing (as a DJ), or playing live. It will screw your reputation as an eventually upcoming act. The audience probably won't notice, but other DJs, acts, party organisators, etc. If you leave a great impression to them, you will be on the winning side ;)


BTW: Is this your first gig? If yes, be prepared to get very VERY VEEEERY excited the days before, and the hours before the gig will almost kill you :D It took my a couple of gigs until I wasn't that nervous anymore. And the bigger the venue, the bigger the emotions. Best thing you can do is, exercising in front of your friends and family. Do that as often as you can. This will help you to gather experience and also to improve your gig.

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I saw Thomas Dolby play with live musicians, Logic, drummer obviously played to a click track, cheap hardware for Thomas himself, one master keyboard and one m-audio drum pads thingy that was probably 16 pads.


Seemed he used markers to go in and out of cycle mode where needed. They jammed some things and others were mostly/partly live. It was amazing. If you compose in Logic, this might be a route for you.


Main stage is meant to be the live extension of Logic, only you would create audio files of various stems and use MainStage's tools, which also are markers, to navigate thru your song. Supposedly it works, and works somewhere between okay and well, but I've not done this.


THE tool for this live is apparently still Ableton, but it means transferring over onto another DAW... which is a huge task.


Just my opinion, not arguing pros and cons...


Since you're posting here, am assuming you're a logic guy, so... If you just want to mute some tracks and play along, use your logic files. If you mostly want to play, and have some backings from your original logic projects, as audio files, then MainStage. If you want to DJ your own tracks, Ableton.


Me? I play, so MainStage.

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