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PingPong delay problem


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Hi, I am making an attempt to create a ping pong delay effect in Logic (I know it exist as a preset but I wanna make it from scratch).


So I have made AUDIO track and picked just one word from Logic loops library for experiment, and I have made a send that goes to AUX 1 which is a Delay designer ( DELAY 1) with just one quarter note repeat, and I panned it to the far left. Than I duplicated that AUX track and that is DELAY 2 track which is panned to far right. Than I sent DELAY 1 (L) to DELAY 2 ® and and DELAY 2 ® back to DELAY 1 (L). But I get only one repeat from the left and than right one gets chopped off before it even starts.

What am I doing wrong ?


P.S. I tried all three instantiations of Delay Designer to achieve this, mono, mono/stereo and stereo and none of them worked


Thank you


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Everything looks ok to me.

You should get it to work this way.


You don't have to attenuate the sends since you already have 6dB of attenuation setup in the DD. And the DD is pretty overkill for this application. ;)

Try the Echo delay instead for starters. Set Repeat to 0% and Wet to 70%.

Will that work?



Hmmmm....Its weird since I get the same glitch in Logic 9 and X. I don't get it. Echo is ok,but I wanted DelayD because it helps me dial in 1 repeat only and other stuff. It must be a bug or something I don't know.

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