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Is this a good iMac for my studio needs?

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I've been waiting to get an iMac for a long time, and I'm finally in a position to buy one.


I have looked at quite a few, and this is the one I'm thinking of going for, stats below:


Apple iMac


2.8GHZ i5 Quad




2010 or 2011 model.


Now, I will be running Logic Pro 9 on there, with quite a lot of plugins, (Diva, Sylenth, Massive and various other NI plugs), Maschine, ableton, etc.


This iMac is well and truly powerful enough to run this without the frequent crashing/long loading and freezing isues i get with my MAcBook Pro:


2,66 GHZ


150GB HD,

late 2008 model.


This MBP actually runs pretty good but, i get a lot of "system overload" and cpu issues when using logic.


Is this iMac good enough, can anyone recommend?



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You should be fine. The i5 CPU, though still only dual core (newer i5 iMacs are quad cores), is significantly more powerful than your Macbooks' old core2duo. Having 12 GB RAM coming from 4 GB RAM should also improve things.

However, there are never guarantees, since roughly 98.617 % of all "Logic issues" are either pilot error or 3rd party software (plugins) induced problems, and no Mac is safe from that.



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I got an 2012 iMac with i7 and 16GB RAM (Mavericks, Logic X, all 64bit), that was massively more powerful than my late 2008 MacPro. Then I installed the same system and apps onto the old Mac and brought it to my home (so I can work there too). There is not much of a big power difference between both. I can open the same sessions without issues. The Oldie runs Diva and other CPU-hogs pretty fine, although only 6GB RAM. Of course the iMac is snappier, but that's mainly because of the SSDs, while the old one still runs HDD. Unless you don't have a massive count of audio tracks (e.g. 100) that doesn't matter anyway.


I think the biggest power jump you will get, is from an i7 CPU and going all 64bit (with new software and OS), maybe LX will perform also a little better.

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