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Virus Ti control + analog outs


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In my quest to get my Logic Pro setup done I encountered a problem with the Virus Ti control in combination with analog outs.

Somehow the analog outs don't arrive in Logic. This is what I did


- I created a software instrument track with the Virus Ti Control on it.

- I set the Main Out of the Virus TI control to Out 1 L+R.

- I create an audio track that listens to the analog outs (first stereo pair) of the Virus TI.


This approached worked on my former DAWS, but it doesn't work in Logic Pro X so far.


I see there is metering in Logic Pro X, but there is no sound output.

What am I missing here? Do I need to set up something extra in Logic?

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You either enable software monitoring in Logic, or enable direct monitoring from your motu interface.

(You don't see any levels in the stereo output in Logic I presume ?)

Thank you very much. Software monitoring solved my problem.

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